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JoeMorrisJoe Morris

Joe is one of the creators of Brain Drain. He has a background in Sales and Marketing, as well as a keen interest in technology which was not diminished by spending 14 years working at a large technology company.

He currently works as the Business Manager of CATTS Ireland, a Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Practice he founded with his wife back in 2009.

Joe hopes that the modules and courses he has created for Brain Drain will help and assist learners with the badly needed ‘soft skills’ which he sees are increasingly taking a back stage in today’s workplace. He also hopes that they will stop people making some of the mistakes he did in the past*.


*Only the boring annoying mistakes. Some mistakes are fun… and you need to make them several times just to be sure!

Current Brain Drain Courses
Time Management

Upcoming Brain Drain Courses
Critical Thinking


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CATTS Ireland

Founder of Big Brain Drain and CATTS Ireland. Interested in almost everything. Jack of all Trades. If it ain't broken, I'll fix it!

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