Brain Drain is an On Demand Learning Platform delivering the courses you need, when you need them. If you don’t see a course you need? Let us know. 


Who is Brain Drain for?

“It’s a bad day that you don’t learn something!”

At Brain Drain we believe you should always be learning (#alwaysbelearning).  To help with this, we are setting up a platform which can help people share the knowledge they have with those who may need it.  As of now, we are focusing on courses for Professionals, and the General Public. We are not currently setting up country specific learning, but instead focusing on content that can be applicable and helpful wherever you are in the world. 


Brain Drain helps people in professional roles to assist them in maintaining their CPD and learn more about their chosen area of expertise.


General Public:

Brain Drain also provides a platform for the general public to learn about areas of interest. The main focus for the information is to be practical and helpful to learn.


Training Design and Convenience:

Modules and Courses are broken into short multimedia slices or modules, which can be viewed by users as and when their schedules allow. Whether on the bus, on the couch, or in the study, users can access Brain Drain on their favourite devices.

The modules also mean that users can choose the modules of interest to them. Users do not have to do the whole training in order to access the specific areas they may be interested in.


Training Cost:

Some introductory or overview courses are aimed at the general public and are free of charge. Other courses assume a certain level of specialist training in your field of expertise.


In the meantime, if you don’t see anything on our site that fits your current needs, maybe try find it on our affiliate partner (Udemy) below.

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