We are constantly on the lookout for skilled professionals who have knowledge they wish to share with others. If this is you, and you are interested in sharing what you know with others, this could be for you.

    • already have a large amount of training and talks you have delivered over the years to peers, clients or students living on your hard drive


    • are now retired, and would like to contribute some of the knowledge you gathered over the years to others in your field worldwide?


    • are a professor, teacher or trainer who would like to share what you know with a wider audience than your current role allows


    • are a specialist, who would like to pass on the deep knowledge and skills you have mastered to those others in the world who are focused in the same field of pursuit


    • someone who is a combination of any of the above, but who just simply doesn’t have the time, IT, or course creation skills to do it yourself, but would be able to with assistance?


How do I become an author?

First, you email us and tell us about yourself, and what area you would like to teach about. It can be a once off topic relevant to a narrow field of people worldwide, or perhaps a fresh look at an aspect of your profession which  you feel is often overlooked.

Next, we will have a short discussion with you on your idea (could be by email, Skype, etc. depending where in the world you are), to see how involved you wish to be in creating it (apart from writing the content), and then we will send you a copy of the Author Agreement.


The agreement is simply an outline of what is expected of us, and you, in order to get the course or module to production and publication online. In short, the more work required by us to produce, the less the author royalty percentage. If an author wishes to do voiceover, or deliver a piece to camera themselves etc, it is a larger percentage.

(Again, if you are someone who is very busy, but has lots of content on hard drives doing nothing, getting several small percentages of passive income is very attractive!). We try to keep the terms simple, however the main area with the agreement we want you to be aware of is to show it to any other third parties who they feel may have an interest in what you are going to write about. This is especially important if you want to discuss research you have done at a University, or if you want to create a course based on areas you have already had published. Once this formality is done, the first steps are for us to create a first draft of the module or course, and then send it to you to review. After review, we agree a list of areas that may need to be amended or changed etc, and it goes back to another version. It continues in this manner Draft/Review, etc. until we are happy that it is ready for publication online.

We do ask our authors to be aware of, and routinely visit our forums and feedback areas so that you have the opportunity to answer any questions learners may have, or to participate in any discussions. It is a great way to increase your own knowledge, and to get ideas for other areas which people have an interest in knowing more about which you may be able to help with.


If this sounds like something you would love to do, email us!



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