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This tip first appeared in Part ONE of the Critical Thinking Course.

You can find the original post here.


So, how can you mitigate this? Well, firstly, a good service (of which I hope we are one), will give you valuable information on topics that interest you, and not spam you. However, even with great services out there, it pays to be more…er… critical!

Firstly, setup an email address purely for subscribing to newsletters, etc. I suggest Gmail due to it’s easy forwarding system, and it’s current ability to allow a tag per email.

For example:
Your Gmail address may be

If you want to register to a newsletter, or course, you simply type in your email with a + sign before the @, and a word or referenece that you can use to Tag the content, such as:
What happens here is this.
Gmail still gets the newsletter at your email address, but by you adding +criticalthinking in the middle, Gmail then creates a ‘Tag’ called Critical Thinking, and keeps it separate from the rest of your emails for you.

Then, when you want to review your amazing Critical thinking steps you get each week, they are all there.

Likewise you can have as many of these as you wish.

This, puts you back in control.

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