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Brain Drain Corporate Services

Business Brain is the name of Brain Drain’s Corporate Services.

If you run, or are a member of an organisation who has regular training or skill sets which you need to refresh to current team members, or train new team members in on a regular basis, we can help you.  Your organisation can be commercial, voluntary or a regulatory body, and can be a handful of people, or thousands. The only difference is the benefits and savings which an organisation can benefit from.

Business Brain provides a consulting and delivery service to help you address which training items can be moved online, which in turn helps reduce your costs and time spent on a daily basis.

It also provides traceability to allow you know which team members have taken onboard the training, and which haven’t.  For anyone in a customer facing role, this has the additional benefit of you knowing which members are less likely to generate negative feedback or reviews.
This section of the site is currently under construction, however, if you have an urgent need now, or would like to even talk about if this could help your business, please contact us.


We also do website development and updating. So, if you have a need for a website to be developed or updated, please let us know.

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