Critical Thinking 1,2,3

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Critical Thinking 1,2,3

This FREE weekly course series will guide you through the steps to integrate Critical Thinking in your Everyday Decision making.

This course is designed to be emailed to the audience each week, with the focus on a given aspect of Critical Thinking.

Each email article is between 5-10 minutes to read.  Afterwards the learner is given a task each week to be aware of based on the topic.

The course uses the Easy as 123 steps.

Awareness, Attention, Response (Action).

The learner each week only has to reflect on the topic of that week using those three guidelines.  In this way, the course aims to positively change a person’s approach and attitude to solving problems and constructively helping themselves, and the wider community at large.

If you wish to obtain this course via email each week, please enter your email at this link:



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