How to Make Visuals

How to Make Visuals

This is the first of the Visuals Course Series.

Visuals are very important tools to use in supporting the understanding of children, adolescents and adults with communication and/or learning difficulties. Visuals can greatly reduce anxiety and communication frustration, and when used as a communication system, can be very effective in communicating with others.

This module is FREE, as making visuals is often something family members at home may need to do. This can be  especially important if the person is a day resident or goes home at weekends.

Professional care staff should complete this full course, including this short module.
They can then direct the relatives of those in their care to this module to help them create a communication environment at the person’s original home.


About this module. 

This module explains and shows the different types of visuals that can be used by care staff, a parent or carer at home, or others in a professional care setting to use with anyone who may have difficulty communicating with the spoken word, for whatever reason. Tips and tricks are provided on how to create visuals, and what you will need to keep in mind when setting up visuals.

About the trainer. 

Presented by Marijke Morris, Lead Speech and Language Therapist and Founder of CATTS Ireland, Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy Services.

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