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Critical Thinking 123 - You are Here. 1%

This weekly series will guide you through the steps to
integrate Critical Thinking in your Everyday Decision making.

Week X: Critical Thinking – Your XXX!


Why Critical Thinking?

Like a lot of people, I get inundated with a wide variety of scary things on the internet. You can’t be too careful these days.

It pays to take precautions.

Change your passwords often (don’t use Passw0rd), block anyone who doesn’t agree with you on Facebook, and type at least one sentence in all capitals at least once a day.

NOTE: Humor is a great learning tool!humor400x297

This weekly email course is deliberately written in a light-hearted way to ensure that the key message and learning point each week, gets through.



When you see one of these Dark Boxes each week, it means that is a Key take-away point for that week.

If you don’t have time to read the whole section, you just skip to this bit.

So, the 1,2,3 steps for today, and the next week are:


Whenever you are talking with someone, or seeing something online or at work, and you get presented with new information that makes you:

  • Uncomfortable, or you,
  • consciously decide that it will be BS before you see it, or you,
  • find yourself looking for Flaws or holes in the information,

Just recognise that you are doing it, and stop yourself for a moment, and ask yourself why you are doing it.  Once you recognise what belief you are defending, it helps you respond.


Response (Action):
Once you identify why you are feeling that way, you can choose your response!

  • Change
  • Challenge
  • Ignore

You will find that the ones to ignore are pretty easy for the most part.

“I put milk in before coffee.”
“No, I always pour coffee first.”
“Charlatans! I prefer mine black.”

The tricky ones are where there is something you perceive of value at state:
“Bring your kid over to my house for a playdate! My son has measles so he can give it to yours too. We don’t vaccinate. Only natural.”

Please let us know of any examples or situations you have come across like this in your own life, and what you did about it.

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nextweekNext Week

Next week, we are going to start a run through of the main factors that cause us to shoot ourselves in the foot whenever we are presented with something new, or a differing fact or opinion.

Each week we will focus on one of these and ask you to try identify when you find yourself doing it, either in your work, school or home.

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