Online Course or Face to Face?

Pros and Cons of Online vs Face to Face Learning

Do I do an Online Course or Face to Face one? What are the benefits of each? What are the downfalls of each method?  What is best for me?

A lot of our courses we have in the pipeline initially started out as courses delivered Face to Face by our authors. In fact, at initial startup, we are proactively only looking for courses that have had successful delivery in a live environment. So, if that is the case, why should you do a Brain Drain course vs going to see it live?



Firstly, there is the obvious reason, if you can’t afford to travel, or the course is not delivered in your town, or the times it is available is not convenient, then seeing it online is the best choice. This is usually the main reason churned out for online learning. But, that’s actually a pretty lazy reason to rely on, and it really insults the main benefit of doing online training, so please ignore it.



This, is the real reason, and benefit that you should get from online training, especially with the Brain Drain model*. If you see a speaker coming to your town, and you, or your employer want you to go see them, great. Please go, take notes, network, and you should walk out of there with a lot of great ideas, and plans to put what you have learned to work for you. (If it is a good course).


The problem with this approach is, that, unless you video record the entire course, you will only have a portion of what was covered. You may also have speakers notes, a pamphlet, booklet, etc.- depending on how good and well prepared the speaker is. However, that instance in time is gone. You can’t go back and re-visit the entire course again, or portions of it, should you wish to refresh your knowledge.  Also, should something subsequently change in the content, like new research, you may need to pay again to go to another updated version of the course.


With an online learning course from Brain Drain, you own the course. We use the App delivery model, so when something new comes up which means something in a course content needs to change, the course you already own updates itself with the newer facts and content. This is REALLY important in today’s world as we are hit with new facts and figures (often contradictory) on a daily basis.


If you are doing a course for CPD, the reality is, that the point in time that you attend a face to face course may be weeks or months away from the time you need to use it. If you know you need to do something in a weeks time that you may not have touched for a while, perhaps since you left university, then wouldn’t it be great to just log in, review the content, make your own notes, ask questions and then pitch up on the day and own it like a boss?

Best thing is, no colleagues ever need to know you needed to do a little homework!




*Other models are available, but usually just rely on the convenience argument. Very bold of them. Also, many – not all, will have a time limit to complete, and can expire after a set time frame.

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