Overview of Case Management


What is Case Management?

This course consists of 10 short videos on Case Management conducted with retired Case Manager Angela Washington.  They are designed to give you an overview of what Case Management is, what it entails, and some of the pitfalls and traps that a Case Manager may come across. This is a FREE Course, with skippable ad support.

Duration of all 10 videos back to back is 60 minutes. You can stop and pick up the course anytime.

It will be useful if you are either:

  • A healthcare professional considering a change of career towards Case Management.
  • A healthcare professional who wants to know how you can best work with a colleague who is a Case Manager.
  • A family member or carer of someone who has a long term illness or disability (either acquired or from birth) and may need the help of a Case Manager for the remainder of that person’s life.
  • A legal practitioner specialising in Personal Injury or medical malpractice who wants to know a bit more on how a Case Manager assists someone who has a long term medical condition due to an acquired injury.





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