Six Steps to Success with GraceApp


Six Steps to Success with GraceApp

Lisa Domican

Lisa Domican is a social entrepreneur and developer of Grace App which provides non-verbal people with Autism with a simple way to communicate. Here she talks about how to use GraceApp successfully as a communication tool for a pre-verbal person.



About the Trainer

Training is presented by Lisa Domican, co-creator of Grace App and mother of two autistic teenagers; 16 year old Grace who inspired the App and Liam, now 18.

As a parent of two teenagers with Autism and a severe speech disability, Lisa has been attending courses and studying evidence based interventions for autism for over 14 years. 


Her company, Grace App Communication sets out to demonstrate that independent communication support can be affordable, accessible and adaptable. Her mission is to empower non-speaking and speech delayed people to be able to express exactly what they want in order to build and encourage inclusion and interaction on their own terms through better understanding.

About GraceApp

Grace is a simple picture exchange App that helps you to model, prompt and develop independent picture communication for people with a speech disability or delay. Personal, portable, discreet and simple, it is designed to suit the user allowing them to demonstrate their real needs and interests. The Six Steps will you how to set up and customise the App to suit the user and introduce it as a means of functional communication, reducing frustration and encouraging independent expression. 

Module Information

Duration Tracked Test Fee Payment Type
47:00 Mins YES NO 5.00 Euro  Buy Once, Lifetime Upgrades Free



Course Breakdown

1. “Everybody Communicates” and how to identify what your learner is already very interested in communicating, and get ready to set up Grace App”

2. Finding, taking, creating and installing the pictures that you will need to engage the learner and show them how to communicate with Grace App

3. Using Grace App as a personalised tool to teach functional communication that has meaning for the learner.

Upon completion, you will obtain a Certificate of Completion.  After you have completed the course you will also earn the Brain Drain GraceApp badge which you can share on Facebook.


If you don’t already have a copy of GraceApp, you can download it from iTunes HERE




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