This is a common problem whenever you register with a new site.
Sometimes, the confirmation emails get lost, or other things happen.

Without wishing to insult anyone’s intelligence, here are the most common reasons why you would not have got your confirmation email. Please check these before contacting

  • The confirmation email is in your Inbox’s SPAM, or JUNK Mail folder. (Check CLUTTER, if you are a Microsoft Outlook user).
  • The email address was mis-typed. Yes, it happens to the beast of us. We type in something incorrectly. Check what address you typed into the system (It should still be visible in your browser), and confirm that it is correct.
  • Server load problems. In the unlikely event of the site being overburdened, it may take some time to arrive. If the above two checks are OK, and it still hasn’t arrived after 1 hour, please contact


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