Today is #WorldWildlifeDay


Today is #WorldWildlifeDay

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

The theme of this year’s Wildlife day is ‘Listen to the young voices’ according to the UN’s website.


If you want to show your support, or raise awareness, you can do so with the hashtag #WorldWildlifeDay on your social media.  You can follow the conversation on Twitter at this link to see who else is talking about it today.







A lot of the time, days like these come and go, and apart from a few casual shares, it slips out of our minds as we get

back to the daily grind.  The biggest threat to wildlife still remains, us. According to the UN, “Habitat loss, climate change and poaching are among the most alarming challenges faced by wildlife today.”


Wasn't me. I know nuthin'
Wasn’t me. I know nuthin’

So, what can you do?

First, share this article to keep awareness in people’s minds. (Yes, it isn’t going to resurrect the dodo or save the Red Squirrel, but it helps keep the problem in people’s heads.)

Second, unless you are a part time hunter or poacher, you can’t do much to stop this aspect. Unless you want to teach an elephant to drive a tank. You could donate to one of the services who try prevent poaching in Africa. What we can do however, is to help do our bit to stop habitat loss, and mitigate where we can on the increasing climate change. Be this recycling more diligently that before, trying to make it ‘meat free’ at least two days of the week, or just dropping a few cents in the tin of the group trying to protect your local otter populations.





Everyone contributes. 

The main takeaway is that YOU as an individual CAN make a difference. It is a single cell that can start a growth. Sorry, bad example. A single mosquito can turn the swar… no, not a good example either. One weed can take over a garde- no, not good either. Anyhoo, you get the picture.

Like and Share at least, and remember to use the hashtag #WorldWildlifeDay.

Or just keep walking...
Or just keep walking…
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