3 Types of Author Content

The Three Types of Author Content Categories

There is a wealth of information that could be of genuine help to people across the globe locked up in expert’s heads (and hard drives) who simply don’t have the time, or resources to create it themselves. Unlike other Online Course sites where the author is expected to create the learning themselves, and then it may (or may not) be accepted onto the system, at Brain Drain we want to ensure useful information and learning makes it to the wider community, even if the author may have busy schedules, or is not very comfortable with IT.

These are the three broad categories which we look at with authors:

  • Walk
    The author may have a course, article, entire manuscript, or presentation already on their hard drive which they have given a few times (or even just once) in the past that may be relevant to a much wider audience then they imagined. This author may not have the time, or wish to involve themselves in turning this from 1s and 0s on their hard drive to a living, breathing online course. This is the entry level for a course, and we will review the content with the author up front, and if interested, and we see there is a wider need for it, we will agree to create the course.
  • Jog
    This is very much like the ‘Walk’ level, however if there is additional work required on the presentation discovered during production, or if we need assistance in producing by the author on such things as technical terminology, or further clarifying the material, we will offer a slightly larger royalty level in return.
  • Run
    This is the place we prefer to work. The author and Brain Drain work together on taking the authors course material and turning it into an online training activity. This option gives the author the largest royalty level and most creative control. It does also, however, take the most time commitment from the author.

Any individual author could have several courses in production with us at any one time, each on one of the above 3 levels depending on which ones the author wants to have more, or less involvement with.

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