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Why the Visual Schedules Course Series?

Communication is a wide area which covers a multitude of ways humans pass information to each other. Language and oral communication are normally the most thought of ways of communicating, followed by the written word, and then non-verbal communication. There are also other ways people communicate with each other, such as using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems, such as signing, pictures and high tech devices.

When working with adults or children with communication difficulties, the focus should be to help a person begin to communicate their needs and wants to others. Verbal communication may, or may not follow, depending on the individual’s skills, ability and medical/neurological condition.

Who are these courses for?

These modules and courses assist anyone who cares for, or works with people who have communication difficulties. The core focus of the Visual Schedules Course Series is to allow a viewer take away tips and techniques which they can use straight away to make a positive difference.

The series is made up of Four Courses:

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How to make visuals.


How to Make Visuals: – FREE (07:00 mins)        ENROLL HERE




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Offering Choices: – PAID (15:45 mins)                  ENROLL HERE




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Visual Schedules:- PAID (23:00 mins)                 ENROLL HERE




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Key Teaching Strategies: – PAID (23 mins)         ENROLL HERE





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