#zerodiscrimination Day


Today, March 1st, is Zero Discrimination Day. (#zerodiscrimination)

This day is promoted by UNAIDS as an awareness day to highlight discrimination across the world. The very worthwhile goals are (from their website unaids.org) is that the day “is an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s right to live a full and productive life with dignity—no matter what they look like, where they come from or who they love.”

If you want to share or support this goal, you can do so by sharing on Social media, and using the hastag #ZeroDiscrimination 


We have listed some of the direct resources that they have made available to help everyone share below. (Unless you get a kick out of reading Press Releases, in which case you can read it here.


The list of ready to go Social Media links and banners are below.



From the above URL: Support #ZeroDiscrimination Day on 1 March. Let’s celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion. Download a speech bubble or a postcard http://ow.ly/5rl13091z8V and write about why you are making noise. Then, take a picture and post it on http://ow.ly/wI6K3093uQd


You can also take the easier way out and simply Share this article with your friends. The hashtag is included in the Social Snippet. 🙂


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